In an effort to ease the compliance and regulatory requirements banks face the Maryland Bankers Association, along with 27 other state bankers associations, have teamed up to provide Compliance Alliance

Compliance Alliance, a company owned in part by the Maryland Bankers Association, is an unique and innovative tool created exclusively for bankers by bankers that is owned, managed and directed by state bankers associations.

Compliance Alliance currently serves as a compliance advisor to nearly 400 banks across the nation who receive on average more than 1,600 hotline calls per month.  Compliance Alliance was formed in 2011 with the belief that, by working together, state banking associations can more effectively reach a common goal of improving the competitive position of their member banks by providing comprehensive and cost effective compliance solutions to their members.  

Compliance Alliance’s regulatory compliance team, with more than 80 years of combined banking, regulatory and compliance experience, is well qualified to assist banks in addressing the challenges of the rapidly changing regulatory environment.   Bank compliance is not just a line of business for Compliance Alliance, it is the sole purpose. Compliance Alliance keeps your staff abreast of regulatory changes and requirements and provides easy to understand analysis of new and amended federal rules and regulations and access to Compliance Alliance’s attorneys or compliance specialists by phone, email or live chat.  Read more.

ou can depend on Compliance Alliance to help your bank manage its compliance risk.  Compliance rules and regulations change so quickly, subscribe to Compliance Alliance email newsletters to receive timely compliance updates. Click here to subscribe. 

Below are are some compliance resource tools and services that your bank would benefit in receiving when joining Compliance Alliance: 
A Library of Compliance Tools and Services including an All-Access Hotline
Unlimited Document Reviews
Easy Access to Regulations
Free Live Demos
And, much more! 

Compliance Alliance, a company owned in part by the Maryland Bankers Association, is your trusted compliance partner and they are only a phone call away.  
Become a member today!  Call (888) 353-3933 to hear about subscription prices and the many other products, services and tools Compliance Alliance provides or you may contact the MBA office at 410-269-5977 for more information or if you have questions.