Maryland BankPAC is the nonpartisan, nonprofit Politcal Action Committee organized by the members of the Maryland Bankers Association.  Through contributions to candidates whose views are favorable to banking and a free and competitive marketplace, Maryland BankPAC supports the campaigns of federal, state and local candidates.  

To continue the conversation about Maryland BankPAC and how it can benefit you and your institution, Maryland BankPAC must have a signed solicitation approval form from a top executive at your institution.  Please watch the video below to learn more about the purpose of Maryland BankPAC and the importance of signing the solicitiation approval form.

Maryland BankPAC Solicitation Approval Video


Click here to submit the online solicitation approval form or here to access a pdf version of the form.

After submission of your solicitation approval form,
click here to log in and access information to assist you in running a fundraising campaign for Maryland BankPAC within your bank.

If you have any questions regarding Maryland BankPAC, please contact Maryland BankPAC's Treasurer
Lynn Mitchell (443-837-1603).