The Federal Election Commission requires that trade association PACs receive authorization from corporate members prior to soliciting contributions from eligible officers, directors and employees. This form can only be signed by a corporate employee authorized to provide solicitation approval and may only be signed for one trade association per year. Multi-year approvals are permitted.

After Maryland BankPAC receives your signed authorization, you may access solicitation materials to conduct a successful campaign within your institution. Maryland BankPAC will not contact your employees directly.

By signing next to each year, I authorize Maryland BankPAC to conduct a solicitation campaign among my eligible executive, professional and administrative personnel during the years which I approve. I also state that my bank has not authorized any other trade association PAC to solicit my employees during the designated calendar year(s). I understand that this authorization in no way obligates me or anyone else at my bank to make a contribution.

Please enter your name in the box next to each year to indicate your authorization.

Please click submit only one time.