The MBA holds two annual legislative events, the Legislative Dinner and the Washington Visit, where members can connect with their federal and state legislator. Changes at the national and state level have a tremendous impact on our customers, small businesses, communities and employees. MBA's events are important opportunities to talk with policy makers and help them understand the effect of legislation on the Maryland banking industry.

Legislative Dinner

In Annapolis, MBA's Advocacy Team has developed productive working relationships with members of the General Assembly to successfully manage issues during the annual legislative session. Bankers are encouraged to get involved through meetings with legislators and the Legislative Dinner. For more information contact MBA's Leah Edwards (443-837-1614) or Mindy Lehman (443-837-1613).

Washington Visit

To help federal lawmakers and regulators understand the effect of legislation on the financial industry in Maryland, the MBA holds their annual Washington Visit in Washington, D.C., where bankers across the state share their views and concerns with key policymakers in the federal government. For more information contact MBA's Leah Edwards  (443-837-1614) or Mindy Lehman (443-837-1613).