MBA's Public Policy team is actively engaged in the current issues facing the Maryland banking industry. MBA meets with federal and state legislators, industry regulators and public policy makers on a frequent basis, keeping them informed of our members' concerns and staying current on proposed laws and regulations. MBA also represent our member banks by serving on legislative workgroups and task forces as new policies are being formulated. To learn more about our State senators and delegates to see which committees they serve on, follow this link to the Maryland General Assembly Roster and List of Committees.

MBA's Government Relations Council (GRC) establishes positions on issues and pending legislation by studying hundreds of proposed bills each year. Once the bills are reviewed, the GRC then closely monitors those pieces of legislation, which impact the industry to see that favorable bills are passed and negative bills are amended or stopped. MBA provides Members Only access to frequent bulletins during the Maryland General Assembly session to keep members informed on the status of proposed legislation, as well as a Legislative Summary Report after the conclusion of each session.

MBA represents Maryland bankers before legislative, regulatory, and judicial panels. Amicus curiae (friend of the court) briefs are prepared by MBA's legal counsel and filed on behalf of the Maryland banking industry. These briefs are formal position statements on court cases or lawsuits affecting Maryland banks.

Bankers are encouraged to get involved through meetings with legislators and MBA legislative events.

MBA Sponsors Maryland Bankers Political Action Committee
(Maryland BankPAC)

In addition to its legislative efforts, MBA sponsors the Maryland Bankers Political Action Committee (Maryland BankPAC) to help elect candidates who are supportive of the banking industry to State and Congressional offices. Appointed by MBA's Chairman and customarily chaired by the Chairman-Elect, the committee represents a cross-section of the State's banking community. Maryland BankPAC raises funds from financial institutions and their individual officers and directors, and makes campaign contributions through both a State and a federal PAC.

Grassroots Advocacy – Direct Contact Bankers

Preserving the strength and profitability of the banking industry rests with every Maryland bank employee. Our industry relies on bankers actively communicating with policy makers at the State and Federal levels.  Direct Contact Bankers are contacted by MBA when a significant industry issue arises. The Association provides key talking points and contact information. When needed, bankers make calls or send emails, faxes or letters outlining the Maryland banking industry's position and asking for their support. Direct Contact Bankers serve as the front line of the banking industry's grassroots efforts.

If you are willing to develop and build a relationship with your State delegate and senator as well as your congressional representatives, click here to let us know what legislators you know.  If you have any questions, please contact MBA's Leah Edwards (443-837-1614) or Mindy Lehman (443-837-1613).