MBA Annual Convention

The Maryland Bankers Association's 121st Annual Convention will be held June 4-7, 2017 at Belmond Charleston Place in South Carolina. Hundreds of bank CEOs, directors, and senior management decision-makers will gather for educational programs, networking events, and the annual election of association leadership. As always, activities include a golf tournament, Chairman's Night of Celebration and the election of association leadership--plus many more activities and events.

Registration Materials

The Maryland Bankers Association has long provided a venue for industry leaders to showcase their participation in Maryland banking through their Convention sponsorships. Thanks to our sponsors, we are able to provide attendees with a memorable Convention experience, including a first-class education program, nationally recognized speakers, quality entertainment and special events.

Sponsorship Information

Please contact the MBA’s Cindy Gentilcore (443-837-1602) or Ann DeVilbiss (443-837-1606) for more information.