In support of MBA’s mission areas, the communication activities of the MBA are essential for shaping public opinion through media and community outreach. They are also essential in communicating with members through a variety of channels.

While keeping the membership informed of important industry developments, the MBA recognizes the importance of communicating effectively with our membership through the following membership publications:

MBA Banking Now

MBA Banking Now e-newsletter, launched on October 12, 2016, is a bi-weekly publication which integrates aspects of MBA's previously issued print based magazine The Maryland Banker and e-newsletter the Maryland Weekly into a single, streamlined, and timely publication that provides dynamic and proactive resources to banking industry professionals across Maryland.  MBA Banking Now also has a number of new and exciting features including; the MBA Member Bank article, where we feature one member bank and highlight a milestone or community event the institution is involved with; MBA Member News, where we present news on industry professionals and institutions and report on what your peers in the industry are doing; topical news and resources on issues of importance to the industry; photos from industry events along with detailed articles; and products and services offered through MBA's subsidiary, Maryland Bank Services (MBSI), that help our member banks to enhance revenue or reduce expenses.

Maryland Banking Resource

Published on the first of each month and distributed electronically, this newsletter provides a brief summary of upcoming professional development offerings.

Legislative Bulletin

Published weekly and distributed electronically during the annual session of the Maryland General Assembly, this important bulletin provides a synopsis of key bills as they move through the legislative process. A special "Call to Action" alerts members when grassroots support is needed. Members show support by contacting legislators and voicing their opinion on priority issues facing the Maryland banking industry.

CEO Bulletin

Published periodically to address issues of the highest level of concern to the industry.

Member Alert

Published periodically to address urgent or unique issues of concern to the industry.

A Survey of Maryland Laws Relating to Extending Credit and Consumer Financial Services

(Fourth Edition, February 2012)
The laws that apply to credit extension in Maryland can be confusing. This survey presents in a basic format a road map through the laws. In this survey, "Maryland Credit Laws" refers to seven different Subtitles of Title 12 of Maryland's Commercial Law Article ("CL") that set rates of interest, charges, and fees, as well as impose other restrictions on credit. All credit extended under Maryland law is subject to one (or perhaps, more than one) of these seven Maryland Credit Laws.

The MBA website functions as another resource tool, providing pertinent information for both the public and for members only, grouped in easy-to-find categories.