Date Event Category
8/24/2016 Lending to Municipalities     Webinar
8/26/2016 COSO 2013 Review & Update     Webinar
8/30/2016 TRID for Construction Loans     Webinar
9/1/2016 The Professional Credit Analyst     Webinar
9/7/2016 Loan Documentation: Top 10 Mistakes & How to Avoid Them     Webinar
9/8/2016 Enterprise Risk Management (ERM): Which Area of Risk will Burn Your Bank?     Webinar
9/9/2016 ACH Origination: Your Responsibilities & Warrantees     Webinar
9/12/2016 Achieving Unclaimed Property Compliance     Webinar
9/13/2016 ACH Audit & Risk Assessment: What You Need to Know     Webinar
9/13/2016 When & Why of Revised TRID Disclosures     Webinar
9/14/2016 Reaching the Pinnacle: A Guide to Going Public     Webinar
9/15/2016 Dealing with Tough Employee Stuff: Solutions for Coaching Employees     Webinar
9/16/2016 Deposit Compliance Hotspots: Lessons Learned Enforcements     Webinar
9/19/2016 Contingent Liabilities: Three Lines of Defense for Lenders     Webinar
9/20/2016 Understanding Loan Documents     Webinar
9/20/2016 Visa/MasterCard & Regulation E Error Resolution     Webinar
9/22/2016 Understanding Real Estate Loan Documents     Webinar
9/23/2016 Risk & Profitability - Hedging Term Loans, a Practical Guide for Community Banks     Webinar
9/29/2016 New Overtime Exemption Regulations     Webinar
10/4/2016 Compliance Management System (CMS) Webinar     Webinar
10/6/2016 Marijuana Webinar     Webinar

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